Logan Square

An impressive and unusual site, the Illinois Centennial Monument, a 27-foot-tall stone obelisk topped with an eagle which celebrates the Illinois State Centennial, marks the heart of the actual Logan Square at the intersection of Logan Boulevard, Wrightwood Avenue, Kedzie Boulevard/Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue. Located 5 miles northwest of the Loop, the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, however, is bounded by West Bloomingdale, Armitage, and Diversey. Logan Square is known equally for its prosperous, mansion-lined residential streets and its bustling, diverse commercial districts. Flowers and trees line the streets, and homes are known for being well-kept. The neighborhood manages to present an air of old-world prosperity as well as a thoroughly modern and progressive attitude.

There are well over 100 restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bistros, packed into this comparatively small area, serving just about every kind of cuisine one could want.

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Nice quiet cul-de-sac street.

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Great Logan Square location.

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