What We Do

The Inverbrass Funds, LLC (IBF) specializes in acquiring assets in underserved areas and rehabbing them to provide quality apartments at affordable rental rates.

The process starts with the brokerage community.   IBF scans hundreds of proposals from brokers, picking out the most attractive in known markets, and then works towards finalizing a purchase.  Once a deal is agreed to,  IBF will capitalize it with 1 of over 10 current lenders as well as equity provided by IBF’s core investors.  Depending on the size of the deal, it may be offered to other potential investors.

If the acquisition is not a rehab, then one of IBF’s management offices will assume management duties and bring the new property into IBF Property Management’s domain.

If the acquisition is a rehab, then IBF has experienced construction and project managers to oversee the renovation of the acquired assets. IBF has extensive relationships in all of the constuction trades.   Once the property is ready, property management will walk the property with the project manager, create a punch-list, and once completed, the project manager will turn over the keys to the property management team.